The Son Of Kong

1:30–2:55am, 7flix


The Saint Meets the Tiger

2:55–4:25am, 7flix

Bikini Beach

12:00–2:00pm, Gem

Richie Rich

6:30–8:30pm, 7flix

Vantage Point

8:30–10:05pm, 7flix

Music And Lyrics

8:30–10:40pm, Nine

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

8:40–11:15pm, GO

Proof of Life

10:05pm–12:55am, 7flix

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

10:30pm–12:30am, One


The Gay Falcon

2:30–3:55am, 7flix


3:55–6:00am, 7flix

Irma la Douce

11:20am–2:20pm, Gem

City Slickers

2:00–4:30pm, Nine

The Great Train Robbery

2:20–4:35pm, Gem


4:35–7:00pm, Gem

Look Who's Talking Too

5:20–7:00pm, 7flix

Space Jam

6:00–7:40pm, GO

Star Trek: Generations

7:00–9:25pm, Gem

Back To The Future Part III

7:00–9:30pm, Nine

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

7:00–9:15pm, 7flix

Liar Liar

7:42–9:28pm, GO

Star Trek: First Contact

9:25–11:40pm, Gem

Yes Man

9:28–11:35pm, GO

The Tourist

9:30–11:35pm, Nine


10:10pm–12:30am, SBS

Resident Evil: Extinction

10:30pm–12:30am, 7mate

11:05pm–1:35am, 7flix

Tiny Furniture

11:30pm–1:15am, SBS Two

Final Analysis

11:35pm–2:00am, Nine


Linha De Passe

12:30–2:30am, SBS

A Date with the Falcon

1:35–2:55am, 7flix

The Saint in London

2:55–4:25am, 7flix

Action in Arabia

4:25–6:00am, 7flix

The Queen of Spades

11:00am–1:00pm, Gem

The Good Guys And The Bad Guys

2:00–4:00pm, Nine

Around The World In 80 Days

6:30–9:00pm, GO

You Only Live Twice

8:50–11:15pm, Gem

Con Air

9:15–11:45pm, 7mate



1:00–3:00am, 7flix

Badman's Territory

3:00–4:40am, 7flix

The Beast Stalker

12:00–2:00pm, SBS Two

It's In The Air

12:10–2:00pm, Gem

Deep Impact

8:30–10:55pm, Eleven

The Holiday

8:30–11:20pm, 7flix

The Devil's Advocate

9:10pm–12:00am, GO

Trader Games

10:35pm–12:10am, SBS Two